Villa Milovici

Location: Residential Villa Milovici is situated in the charming village of Milovici, nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Tivat, Montenegro. The villa enjoys a prime location on the Montenegrin coast, overlooking the mesmerizing Boka Kotorska Bay. This serene and picturesque setting provides the perfect backdrop for a luxurious private residence.

Year and Project Type: The project for Residential Villa Milovici commenced in 2016 and continued through 2017. The villa falls under the category of a residential property, designed to cater to the comfort and style preferences of its discerning inhabitants.

Author/Designer: The masterminds behind this exquisite villa are the talented architects from - Anja Ivana Milić and Miloš Petrović. Their combined expertise in architecture and design has resulted in a home that seamlessly merges contemporary elements with the unique style preferences of the client.

Client: The villa was commissioned by a private client who sought a residence that not only boasted modern aesthetics but also reflected their individual taste and lifestyle. The architects took great care to understand the client's vision and desires, ensuring that the final design would exceed their expectations.

Villa Milovici

Project Details

1. Concept and Design: The core concept driving the creation of Residential Villa Milovici was to harmonize the architectural form with the specific ground elevation and layout of the property. The architects ingeniously integrated the villa's design into the natural contours of the land, making the most of the stunning views and optimizing natural light.

2. Architectural and Structural Design: meticulously developed both preliminary and detailed architectural and structural designs. These blueprints served as the foundation for the construction of the villa, encompassing everything from the layout of rooms to the exterior facades. The villa's layout was thoughtfully planned to ensure a smooth flow between spaces, maximizing functionality and comfort.

3. MEP Design: In addition to the architectural and structural elements, also handled the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) design of the villa. Attention was given to create an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly dwelling, equipped with modern amenities and cutting-edge technology to meet the client's needs.

4. Interior Design: Anja Ivana Milić and Miloš Petrović, being the author of the interior design as well, brought their expertise to every detail within the villa. They worked closely with the client to curate a stylish and inviting ambiance. The interior spaces were carefully designed to reflect the client's personality while incorporating modern touches and luxurious finishes.

5. Design Site Supervision: Throughout the construction process, remained actively involved in site supervision. Their constant presence ensured that the villa was being built in adherence to the approved designs and that the project was progressing smoothly and efficiently.

Villa Milovici

Status: As of now, Residential Villa Milovici is still under construction. The careful attention to detail, combined with the architects' dedication, promises an exceptional and bespoke residence that will stand as a testament to modern architectural excellence.

Conclusion: Residential Villa Milovici is a testament to the seamless fusion of contemporary design and individual style. Situated in the picturesque village of Milovici, Montenegro, the villa embraces its surroundings while providing a luxurious haven for its fortunate occupants. Thanks to the skillful team at, the client's vision has been brought to life, and this remarkable residential gem is sure to leave a lasting impression on the Montenegrin coast.