Villa Krasici

Location: Krasici, Tivat, Montenegro Nestled along the captivating coastline of Krasici, a charming village in Tivat, Montenegro, stands the exquisite Residential Villa Krasic. This architectural masterpiece is strategically positioned to offer an unparalleled view of the pristine Boka Kotorska Bay, a natural wonder known for its azure waters, verdant surroundings, and historical significance.

Year: 2019 The vision of Residential Villa Krasic came to life in the year 2019, a testament to modern architectural prowess and timeless design sensibilities.

Project Type: Residential As a residential project, Villa Krasic exemplifies the embodiment of comfort, luxury, and sophistication. It is more than just a dwelling; it is an experience tailored to the desires and aspirations of its esteemed inhabitants.

Author/Designer: (Miloš Petrović) Behind the elegant conception of Villa Krasic stands the creative genius of, with Miloš Petrović at the helm of the design process. Miloš Petrović's expertise marries innovative architectural concepts with a deep understanding of the natural surroundings, resulting in a harmonious blend of structure and environment.

Client: Private The visionary behind Villa Krasic remains undisclosed, a testament to the privacy and exclusivity that the villa represents. This private retreat is a sanctuary for its owner, a place where dreams are woven into the very fabric of its design.

Area: 280 sq. m. Encompassing an area of 280 square meters, Villa Krasic is a testament to architectural ingenuity optimized for a modern lifestyle. Every corner of this space has been meticulously crafted to combine functionality with aesthetics, making it an epitome of refined living.

Villa Krasici

Project Details Villa Krasic is more than just bricks and mortar; it is a symphony of elements that create an immersive living experience.

Seaside Elegance: Positioned on the Montenegrin coast, the villa seamlessly integrates with its breathtaking surroundings. The design pays homage to the region's eclectic architecture, which blends traditional and modern influences. This fusion creates a distinctive look that is both culturally rooted and contemporarily relevant.

Architectural Expertise: played a pivotal role in Villa Krasic's journey from concept to reality. They not only conceptualized the design but also meticulously developed the preliminary and detailed architectural plans. This holistic approach ensured that every aspect, from aesthetics to structural integrity, was addressed with precision.

Luxurious Living: Villa Krasic transcends the ordinary, offering a lifestyle that is opulent yet understated. The interior design bears the signature of, blending comfort, style, and functionality. The villa's interiors narrate a story of elegance, where each room boasts a unique character, yet contributes to the overall harmony.

Villa Krasici

Seamless Integration: The villa's design takes inspiration from the stunning vistas of the Boka Kotorska Bay. Expansive windows and open spaces blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, allowing the natural beauty to flow seamlessly into the living spaces.

Status: Building Permit in Process As of now, the vision of Residential Villa Krasic is steadily moving towards fruition. With the building permit in process, every detail is being meticulously scrutinized to ensure that the villa's construction aligns with its grandeur and elegance.

In Conclusion Residential Villa Krasic is not just a structure; it is an embodiment of dreams, aspirations, and architectural brilliance. It showcases the ability to blend modern luxury with the serenity of its coastal location, ultimately creating an abode that is as unique as its environment. Villa Krasic stands as a tribute to the harmonious coexistence of human ingenuity and the natural world.