Société Générale Offices

The Societe Generale offices in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Bulgaria stand as a testament to the successful partnership between the renowned architectural firm,, and Societe Generale Bank. Over a span of 15 years, played a pivotal role in designing and setting the standards for more than 150 branch offices across these countries. This text provides an overview of the project details, including the design process, services offered, and completion status.

Design and Architecture:, an esteemed architectural and design firm, was entrusted with the task of conceptualizing and designing the Societe Generale branch offices in the mentioned countries. The building type primarily catered to the requirements of a bank with integrated office spaces. The architectural designs, both preliminary and detailed, were meticulously developed by, keeping in mind the functional needs, aesthetic appeal, and local regulations.

The size and specific area of each individual office were not specified, but the overall project encompassed a substantial number of offices, exceeding 150 in total. This scale of the project showcases the significant investment and commitment Societe Generale placed in expanding its presence in the region.'s designers worked closely with Societe Generale Bank to align the office layouts with the company's corporate image and branding. Special attention was given to incorporate a consistent design language across all offices while adapting to the unique characteristics of each location.

Société Générale Offices

Role and Services Provided by served as the principal designer and offered a comprehensive range of services throughout the project's lifecycle. Their responsibilities included:

  1. Concept Design: developed the initial conceptual framework, presenting innovative ideas and design directions to Societe Generale for approval.
  2. Architectural, Structural, and MEP Designs: Following the concept approval, progressed to develop detailed architectural, structural, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) designs. These were crucial for obtaining the necessary construction permits.
  3. Interior Design: As the author of interior design, took charge of creating inviting and functional interiors for the branch offices. This involved carefully selecting materials, furniture, and lighting to create a cohesive and professional ambiance.
  4. Design Site Supervision: played an active role during the construction phase by supervising the implementation of the designs on-site. This ensured that the final product aligned with the approved plans.
Société Générale Offices

Project Timeline and Completion: The partnership between and Societe Generale commenced in 2001 and culminated in 2017. Throughout this period, diligently worked on the project, achieving a significant milestone in April 2015 when the design for the construction permits was completed. Subsequently, the buildings were constructed, and the offices were ready for occupancy by 2016.

Conclusion: The collaboration between and Societe Generale Bank in designing over 150 branch offices across Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Bulgaria exemplifies the power of a successful long-term partnership. The offices now stand as modern and functional spaces, reflecting Societe Generale's brand identity while providing a conducive environment for banking and office activities. This ambitious project not only strengthened Societe Generale's foothold in the region but also showcased's proficiency in delivering large-scale commercial projects.