Parking Service Head Office

Introduction: In the year 2007, the renowned architectural firm was awarded the prestigious First Prize in a public competition for their exceptional design proposal of the new head office for Parking Service Belgrade. The proposed building was intended to be located on Kraljice Natalije Street in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia. Despite winning the competition and successfully completing further design development, the project, unfortunately, remains unrealized to this day. Let's delve into the captivating details of this unbuilt masterpiece.

Design Concept:'s design concept for the Parking Service Head Office revolved around creating an iconic structure that harmoniously blended functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The vision was to craft a contemporary architectural landmark that symbolized the progressive spirit of Belgrade. The design aimed to meet the specific needs of the client while also contributing positively to the urban fabric.

Building Size and Type: The proposed head office was designed as a modern public building with a total area of approximately 11,380 square meters. The ample space was thoughtfully allocated to accommodate the various departments and operations of Parking Service Belgrade efficiently.

Architectural Firm and Designer: The creative genius behind this impressive design was, a well-established architectural firm known for its innovative and sustainable approach to design. Their expertise and experience in crafting exceptional structures made them the ideal candidate to lead this project.

Client: Parking Service Belgrade As the primary client, Parking Service Belgrade sought an architectural design that would not only provide a functional workspace but also reflect the organization's values and commitment to the community. worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and aspirations, ensuring a tailored design solution.

Parking Service Head Office

Development Process: Following their triumph in the public competition, further developed the concept design, refining the architectural, structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) aspects of the building. They also took on the responsibility of designing the interior spaces to create a holistic and cohesive environment that would inspire both employees and visitors.

Building Permit: Thanks to's meticulous development of the design, the project received approval for construction and secured a building permit in 2012. The achievement was a testament to the firm's commitment to excellence and their ability to navigate the complex regulatory processes involved in large-scale projects.

Unrealized Ambition: Despite the thorough planning, innovative design, and approval process, the Parking Service Head Office remains unrealized. Various factors might have contributed to this outcome, such as changes in the client's priorities, budget constraints, or unforeseen challenges that arose during the development phase.

Parking Service Head Office

Legacy: Although the physical structure never materialized,'s design for the Parking Service Head Office will forever hold a place of significance in the architectural world. The project's first-place recognition in the public competition solidifies its reputation as a visionary concept that pushed the boundaries of modern architecture.

Conclusion: The unbuilt Parking Service Head Office in Belgrade stands as a testament to the creative brilliance and innovative thinking of While the physical structure may never grace the city's skyline, its impact on the architectural community and its potential to inspire future designs will live on. The proposed head office would have not only served as a functional space for Parking Service Belgrade but also as an enduring symbol of the city's progressive spirit and commitment to architectural excellence.