Navigator Business Center

In the dynamic landscape of New Belgrade, Serbia, a significant architectural achievement emerged between the years 2015 and 2016, reshaping the urban fabric and raising the bar for contemporary office spaces. The Navigator Business Center, located at Block 43, stands as a testament to innovative design, functional excellence, and sustainable practices. This transformative project was brought to life through the collaboration of, helmed by Dejan Sokolov and Anja Ivana Milić, and the visionary client, Balkans Real Estate LLC.

Unveiling the Landscape: A Prime Location Nestled within the thriving Central Business District of Belgrade, Navigator Business Center stands as a proud member of a new generation of office developments. Positioned amidst a cluster of major office structures erected within the preceding decade, the center strategically occupies Block 43 in New Belgrade. This choice of location positions it at the heart of Belgrade’s commercial pulse, enabling it to serve as a focal point for business, innovation, and collaboration.

A Multifaceted Marvel: Design and Features

Spanning eight meticulously planned floors, Navigator Business Center is a testament to the harmonious marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The architectural layout of the building emphasizes quality, flexibility, and contemporary design. Its multifaceted features include two underground garage levels that cater to the parking needs of the occupants, fostering ease of access. Moreover, the ground floor takes on a mixed-use identity, featuring landscaped pedestrian passages that seamlessly weave throughout the structure, inviting people to engage with the space.

The interior design is a symphony of elegance, fostering an inspiring environment for productivity and creativity. The designers meticulously crafted this space to exude a sense of excellence, combining form and function to cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses. A notable feat is the achievement of column-free floor layouts, a testament to the prowess of prestressed concrete construction. This architectural choice not only provides an unobstructed workspace but also underscores the commitment to flexibility and adaptability.

Navigator Business Center

Pioneering Sustainability: LEED Gold Certification

Navigator Business Center is not only a pinnacle of design but also a trailblazer in sustainable practices. The pursuit of excellence led to the integration of Class A and LEED Gold standards into the office design. This commitment to green principles is reflective of the architects’ and client’s shared vision to create a space that resonates with ecological responsibility.

Architectural Ingenuity and Authorship

The driving force behind the Navigator Business Center's conception and realization is, led by the visionary architects Dejan Sokolov and Anja Ivana Milić. Their roles spanned from the initial concept design to the meticulous development of architectural, structural, and MEP designs. Their creative vision extended even further, as they were the authors of the interior design that contributes to the center's ambience and functionality. The architects' engagement extended to the construction phase, where they assumed the mantle of Design Site Supervision, ensuring the fidelity of the envisioned design.

Navigator Business Center

A Living Legacy: Navigator Business Center, beyond its construction, stands as a beacon of success, operationally serving its occupants. It has transformed the city's skyline, adding a harmonious yet distinct structure that complements the surrounding landscape. Its design has not only enriched the urban fabric but also raised the bar for office spaces in the region. A testament to this excellence lies in its awarding of the coveted LEED Gold Certificate, an acknowledgment of its sustainable practices and innovative design.

In the annals of modern architectural achievements, the Navigator Business Center etches its name with pride, embodying the collaborative efforts of, Balkans Real Estate LLC, and the architects who dared to dream big. Its legacy extends beyond bricks and mortar, shaping the way we perceive and inhabit office spaces, fostering collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability.