MIXER Coffee

MIXER Coffee is a vibrant coffee shop and juice bar situated in Belgrade, Serbia. The establishment was designed and brought to life in 2019 by the architecture firm Arhi.pro, with the talented team including Dimitrije Milić, Marija Omanović, and Ljiljana Ćurčić. The project was undertaken for a private client and covers an area of 100 square meters within the bustling Ada Mall in Belgrade. The cafe offers a unique and refreshing interior, characterized by energetic vibes and a warm, dark color scheme that invites patrons to relax and enjoy their beverages.

Location and Setting: The prime location of MIXER Coffee in Ada Mall ensures it benefits from the nearby mall terrace, providing customers with awe-inspiring views of the river island Ada and the majestic Ada Bridge. This scenic setting enhances the overall atmosphere of the coffee shop and provides an ideal backdrop for visitors to unwind and savor their drinks.

Concept and Interior Design: Arhi.pro played a central role in the project, overseeing all aspects from concept design to the development of preliminary and detailed architectural, structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) designs. Their creative talents extended to the interior design, which is the highlight of MIXER Coffee. The warm, dark interior color scheme creates a welcoming and cozy environment, making it a perfect spot for social gatherings, relaxation, or even casual business meetings.

Lighting Design and Procurement: For the intricate lighting design of MIXER Coffee, Arhi.pro collaborated with Light Studio Belgrade. The lighting design team meticulously crafted a lighting setup that complements the interior's overall ambiance, ensuring that the space is well-illuminated while maintaining its cozy and energetic character.

MIXER Coffee

Furniture and Custom Designs: To bring the interior to life, Arhi.pro worked with several partners and designers. Hard Stuff assisted in the furniture production, ensuring that the furniture pieces matched the interior design concept and were of high quality. The team collaborated with Ortie & Co for the creation of custom-designed chairs that add a unique touch to the overall decor. Additionally, Billiani.it provided furniture pieces that perfectly fit the coffee shop's aesthetic.

Wallpaper Design: One of the standout features of MIXER Coffee is the wallpaper design, which was skillfully crafted by Stanislav Zakić. The wallpaper adds an element of visual interest and personality to the space, making it visually engaging and complementing the rest of the interior design elements.

MIXER Coffee

Conclusion: MIXER Coffee stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of talented designers and professionals who brought the coffee shop to life. With its vibrant and warm interior, illuminated by carefully crafted lighting, and adorned with custom furniture pieces and captivating wallpaper, the establishment offers a delightful experience for coffee and juice enthusiasts alike. Nestled within the Ada Mall and offering panoramic views, MIXER Coffee remains an inviting destination for anyone seeking a refreshing and energizing atmosphere in Belgrade, Serbia.