Restaurant Le Moliére

In 2008, the French Cultural Center in Belgrade embarked on an ambitious endeavor to bring the essence of French cuisine and the enchanting ambiance of Parisian restaurants to the heart of Serbia's capital. The result of this collaboration was the creation of the exquisite Restaurant Le Molière, a culinary gem located in the bustling Knez Mihajlova pedestrian street of Belgrade.

The vision for Le Molière was to transport its patrons to the romantic and idyllic setting reminiscent of the charming alleys of Montmartre, Paris. The esteemed design firm, led by the talented Anja Ivana Milić, took on the role of both architect and interior designer for the project.

The central concept behind Le Molière was to establish an authentic and inviting space, where guests could experience the richness of French cuisine in a setting that exudes timeless elegance. The architects carefully crafted an environment that blended contemporary and classical elements, resulting in an ambiance that feels both stylish and welcoming.

Upon entering Le Molière, patrons are greeted by a warm and intimate atmosphere, designed to encourage relaxation and enjoyment of the gastronomic delights to come. The strategic use of passively stylish wooden furniture adds a touch of modernity while retaining a classic charm that aligns perfectly with the theme of the restaurant.

The flooring design played a pivotal role in achieving the desired ambiance. Neo-Renaissance-inspired chess tiles were chosen, which not only added a visually striking pattern but also complemented the overall theme, further evoking the nostalgia of Parisian streets. The warm tones of the flooring harmonize with the wooden elements, creating a cohesive and pleasing aesthetic.

Restaurant Le Moliére

The lighting design is of paramount importance in any restaurant, and at Le Molière, it was no exception. Delicate and well-placed light fixtures contribute to the intimate atmosphere, casting a warm glow on the tables, allowing guests to enjoy their meals in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The subdued lighting also enhances the experience of savoring French delicacies accompanied by the perfect pairing of red French wine.

The layout of the restaurant was thoughtfully planned to optimize the available 200 square meters of space. The seating arrangement offers a balance between private dining areas and communal spaces, ensuring that guests have the option to enjoy a cozy dinner for two or socialize in larger groups.'s role extended from the initial concept design to the development of preliminary and detailed architectural, structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) designs. The firm was not only responsible for the architecture but also the interior design, including the selection of furnishings, decor, and finishes that contribute to the authenticity of the Parisian dining experience.

Restaurant Le Moliére

To ensure that the design vision translated into reality, also provided interior construction services, overseeing the execution of the project from start to finish. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality allowed them to deliver an exceptional space that met the expectations of both the French Cultural Center and the patrons of Le Molière.

Restaurant Le Molière, with its captivating Parisian charm and delectable French cuisine, has become a beloved destination in Belgrade, welcoming locals and visitors alike to indulge in the flavors and ambience of France's culinary capital. The project stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between, led by Anja Ivana Milić, and the French Cultural Center, leaving a lasting impression on the culinary landscape of Serbia's vibrant capital city.