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Navigator Business Center is a prestigious office building situated in the vibrant Block 43 of New Belgrade, Serbia. The project was carried out between 2015 and 2016 and was conceptualized and designed by the esteemed architectural firm, with Dejan Sokolov and Anja Ivana Milić leading the creative vision. The client, Balkans Real Estate LLC, envisioned a cutting-edge office space that would stand out in the city's Central Business District, known for its recent surge in modern office developments.

Location and Context: Located in the Heart of Belgrade's Central Business District, Navigator Business Center finds itself amidst a bustling hub of commercial activity. The district has witnessed substantial growth in the last decade, attracting numerous business ventures and multinational corporations. This prime location ensures that the building remains at the epicenter of business opportunities, making it an ideal choice for forward-thinking companies.

Project Features and Design: The Navigator Business Center is an architectural marvel comprising eight floors of contemporary office space. Designed with a focus on functionality and flexibility, the building offers a total area of 22,400 square meters. The modern office interiors exude elegance and professionalism, creating an inspiring work environment for employees and visitors alike.

One of the standout features of the building is the mixed-use ground floor, which boasts landscaped pedestrian passages that seamlessly blend with the surrounding urban environment. This design approach enhances the building's accessibility and connection to the city, making it a dynamic and inviting space for tenants and visitors.

In order to provide a truly flexible working environment, the floor layouts were meticulously planned to be column-free. This required the implementation of a prestressed concrete construction, showcasing's innovative and problem-solving architectural prowess.

IT Park Indjija

Sustainability and LEED Gold Certification: As a testament to the project's commitment to sustainability, Navigator Business Center was designed and constructed adhering to Class A and LEED Gold standards. The integration of eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient technologies ensures that the building operates with minimal impact on the environment.'s Contributions: played a pivotal role in shaping the concept and design of Navigator Business Center. They were responsible for developing both preliminary and detailed architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) designs. Additionally, the firm's creative talents extended to crafting the elegant interior design, contributing to the exceptional work environment within the building.

Throughout the construction phase, provided design site supervision to maintain the project's high standards and ensure that the final outcome aligned with the initial design intent.

IT Park Indjija

Current Status: Today, Navigator Business Center stands as a fully operational and thriving office space, attracting a diverse range of businesses and professionals. Its strategic location, contemporary design, and focus on sustainability have solidified its place as a landmark building in Belgrade's Central Business District.

Conclusion: Navigator Business Center is a true testament to's innovative approach to architecture and design. Its prime location, quality office spaces, and dedication to sustainability make it an appealing choice for businesses seeking a dynamic and inspiring work environment. As a result of Balkans Real Estate LLC's vision and's expertise, this office building has become a standout symbol of modernity and progress in Belgrade's bustling business landscape.