Green Escape (K3)

K3, part of the Green Escape business complex, is a cutting-edge office and commercial project located in Blok 51, New Belgrade, Serbia. Spearheaded by the renowned architectural firm, the project has been in development since 2019 and is set to create a new standard for modern workspaces and commercial facilities in the area.

Location and Setting: Situated in the heart of Blok 51, New Belgrade, K3 enjoys a strategic location within the bustling cityscape. The complex is conveniently located on the highway, merely 5km away from Belgrade's Airport, making it easily accessible for both local and international visitors. This prime location ensures excellent connectivity to major transportation hubs, attracting businesses and travelers alike.

The Vision of Green Escape: The brainchild of architectural talents Anja Ivana Milić and Miloš Petrović from, Green Escape seeks to offer a harmonious blend of contemporary office spaces, retail outlets, and hotel accommodations. The project aims to create an oasis-like environment where professionals can work efficiently, shoppers can indulge in retail therapy, and travelers can find solace in a luxurious hotel setting.

Project Scope: The Green Escape business complex comprises three distinct buildings, with K3 being the first to be developed from concept design. Spanning an impressive 14,630 square meters, K3 will serve as the flagship structure, setting the tone for the entire development. The other two buildings, K1 and K2, are expected to complement K3's design while offering their own unique features.

Design and Features:'s concept design for K3 reflects a modern and eco-friendly approach, incorporating sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems. The architectural team has meticulously developed preliminary and detailed designs for both the exterior and interior, ensuring a seamless and functional space.

The exterior boasts a striking facade that blends natural elements with contemporary aesthetics. The extensive use of glass allows for ample natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. The inclusion of greenery on balconies and terraces helps create a visually pleasing environment while enhancing air quality and providing a sense of tranquility.

Green Escape (K3)

Functionality and Amenities: K3 is designed primarily as a commercial and office space, offering a dynamic and flexible working environment. The floor plan is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate various business needs, ranging from open-concept collaborative areas to private offices and meeting rooms.

The building's ground floor is dedicated to retail outlets, providing a range of amenities for both office occupants and visitors. From cafes and restaurants to convenience stores, this commercial space enriches the overall experience of the complex.

IMEL Group: The Client: IMEL Group, a prominent player in the real estate industry, is the visionary client behind the Green Escape business complex. Their commitment to innovative and sustainable developments aligns perfectly with the ethos of, resulting in a seamless collaboration that has pushed the project towards success.

Green Escape (K3)

Current Status: As of the current date, the project has successfully completed its concept design and is well into the detailed design phase. The architects, engineers, and designers at are dedicatedly working to bring the vision of K3 and the entire Green Escape complex to life.

Conclusion: K3, Green Escape's premier building, is set to redefine the landscape of Blok 51, New Belgrade, Serbia. With's ingenious designs and IMEL Group's unwavering support, the project promises to offer a harmonious fusion of functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics. As the development progresses, K3 will undoubtedly become a beacon of modernity and innovation, solidifying its place as a landmark destination for businesses, shoppers, and travelers alike.