•    Location: Block 21, New Belgrade, Serbia
  •   Year: 2014 - 2016
  •   Building type and size: Bank / Office
  •   Author/Designer: (Anja Ivana Milić, Miloš Petrović)
  •   Client: IMEL Group / Societe Generale Bank
  •   Area: 10 600 sq. m.

Fifteen years after the start of's work for Societe Generale that included architectural brand development and construction services, has been chosen for the opportunity to design and develop the project for the new Societe Generale Head office building in Belgrade.

The task behind the new building was based on fitting the new visual into the recognizable context of New Belgrade's urbanism while providing the neighborhood with a modern, attractive smart building.

The new head office was designed to point out the specific volume of the building by introducing separate segments of the facade that give away a playful, yet a strict character that suits the building's purpose. role: Concept Design; Development of Preliminary and Detailed Architectural, Structural and MEP designs, Author of Interior Design; Design Site Supervision during the construction works.

Status: Design for Construction Permit development completed in April 2015. Building occupied in 2016.