•     Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  •    Year: 2016
  •   Project type: Restaurant
  •   Author/Designer: (Anja Ivana Milić)
  •   Client: Private
  •   Area: 350 sq. m.

Restaurant Stanica 1884 (Station 1884) is located in the Belgrade’s first train station opened 135 years ago in the center of Belgrade that was designed by a Serbian architect Dragutin Milutinović.

The idea behind Stanica 1884 is to provide its guests with a welcoming ‘retro’ atmosphere once found around train stations where travelers from all around the world could enjoy national dishes.

The task behind this design was to give an adequate answer to the client’s request which was creating a ‘retro’ atmosphere inside a modern interior, so that it may suit both nostalgic feelings of locals and modern trends of a high-class restaurant.

Having successfully finished the concept, the design had to be slightly changed according to the determined budget. role: Concept design; Development of Preliminary and Detailed Architectural, Structural and MEP designs.