•     Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  •    Year: 2019
  •   Project type: Restaurant
  •   Author/Designer: Arhi.pro (Dimitrije Milić, Marija Omanović, Ljiljana Ćurčić)
  •   Client: Private
  •   Area: 100 sq. m. 

MIXER Coffee is a coffee shop and a juice bar easily recognized by its energetic people and its warm dark interior that together form a refreshing interior. 

Highly illuminated the interior is located next to the mall terrace that provides seating with amazing views over the river island Ada and the new monumental Ada bridge.

MIXER Coffee, located in Ada Mall Belgrade.

Arhi.pro role: Concept Design; Development of Preliminary and Detailed Architectural, Structural and MEP designs; Author of interior design; Interior construction services; Furniture design and production.

Partners and notes: 
Light Studio Belgrade - Detailed lighting design and procurement;
Hard Stuff - Help in furniture production;
Ortie & Co - Custom chair design production;
Billiani.it - Furniture
Wallpaper design by Stanislav Zakić.