•     Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  •    Year: 2018
  •   Project type: Co-Working / Office
  •   Author/Designer: YOUTH by Arhi.pro (Dimitrije Milić, Nikola Jovičić, Aleksa Ašanin, Sara Vasić)
  •   Client: EKOF Media Group
  •   Area: 900 sq. m.

Central HUB is the debut project of YOUTH by Arhi.pro, a group of Arhi.pro's under 30forward-thinking architects and engineers with a specific design approach.

YOUTH's scope of work was to create a concept for an abandoned warehouse in Belgrade that would provide its users with a chance to enjoy one of Belgrade's first co-working hubs.

The whole project has been done pro-bono, as sponsorship to ambitious young entrepreneurs from EKOF Media Group, hoping that this innovative idea will be materialized and thus shape the path of modern-day workspaces in Serbia.
    YOUTH by Arhi.pro role: Concept Design; Author of Interior Design.
    Status: Fundraising in process.