Mini Home Alumil

  •   Location: Kosmaj, Serbia
  •   Year: 2021
  •   Project type: Public competition
  •   Author/Designer: YOUTH by (Vladimir Bojović, Nikola Jovičić)
  •   Organizer: GRADNJA
  •   Area: 44 sqm

The projected location of this mini home is Kosmaj mountain, Rogača settlement. The plot has a slope to the south where the view opens to Šumadija, while on the north side of the forest, which is protected as a landscape of exceptional features, it is separated only by an asphalt road. The mini prefabricated house in nature is designed as a modern generic structure that can integrate with its environment and allows the user to adapt the environment to their current needs through a game of relationships inside / outside, light / shadow, closed / open.

The house is conceived as a semi-atrium type, with a transformable facade that denies such a setting. The gabled roof with a slope towards the interior of the house enables a full view of the sky from the inner courtyard, and the high glass fronts on the facade allow sunlight to penetrate to the most distant parts of the house.

Wood, as the main motive in the inner yard, breaks through the floor of the house and has the role of reminding the user that nature is not outside or inside the house, but that the house is an integral part of it.