•     Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  •    Year: 2016
  •   Project type: Call Competition / Hotel
  •   Author/Designer:
  •   Client: Eagle Hills, Abu Dhabi
  •   Area: 12 000 sq. m.

The building is one of the first modern Belgrade hotels and an
anthological example of contemporary Serbian architecture and it represents the mature phase of Belgrade Art Nouveau.
Hotel Bristol building is a significant contribution to engineering,
architectural and town-planning development of Belgrade and an eminent work of Serbian famous architect Nikola Nestorovic.

The intention behind the presented design was the renovation and revitalization of the Hotel Bristol building that would also add value to the Waterfront district.

The recommendation was to keep and accentuate some of the interior components worthy of preservation. role: Competitor in Call Competition

Note: was appointed the finalist title. No prizes have been awarded.