•     Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  •    Year: 2014
  •   Project type: Restaurant
  •   Author/Designer: Arhi.pro (Anja Ivana Milić)
  •   Client: Tamigo d.o.o., Belgrade
  •   Area: 350 sq. m.

Opened in April 2014 on the foundations of the philosophy of the restaurant La Piazza (Vracar).

The restaurant is located in one of the most luxurious pedestrian zones of Belgrade - “Beton hala”.
Druga Piazza is characterized by special Italian recipes and a well-known unique pizza taste prepared in the wood oven.

Beton hala (Concrete Hall) was used in the 30s as a customs storage place on the bank of river Sava, but over the years, it has become a very recognizable luxurious pedestrian zone and a significant gastronomic center.
Piazza Druga was one of the first restaurants to turn a storage unit into a catering space, and to do so effectively, it was imagined as a place where the industrial resembling interior with warm brick walls meets the culinary jewels of Italian cuisine seen both in wide open recipe books and food storage cases carefully placed between the seating spots.

Restaurant Druga Piazza is by many chosen as one of the favorite spots to enjoy the riverside view of Belgrade.

Arhi.pro role: Concept design;  Development of Preliminary and Detailed Architectural, Structural and MEP designs; Design Site Supervision during the construction works. 

Status: Restaurant operating.