Novella Business & Residence

Introduction: Nestled in the heart of Novi Sad, Serbia, an architectural masterpiece is gradually taking shape, destined to redefine urban living and workspaces. Initiated in 2022 and currently underway, the Novella Complex stands as a testament to innovation, aesthetic excellence, and a deep understanding of modern urban dynamics. Conceived by the creative genius of, this project is set to transform the cityscape and enrich the lives of its inhabitants.

Project Essence: The Novella Complex unfolds as a harmonious ensemble of three distinct residential edifices and a singular business structure, reflecting a seamless union of living and professional spaces. With a profound respect for the urban environment, the complex is thoughtfully situated within the pedestrian zone, providing an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban buzz.

The inner courtyard and adjacent park, adorned with lush expanses of greenery, create an idyllic atmosphere that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. This integration of nature serves as a testament to the careful consideration of the human experience, elevating the project beyond mere architecture into a sanctuary where both residents and professionals can thrive.

Architectural Brilliance: One of the project's defining features is the meticulous orchestration of building volumes and layout. This consideration results in optimal spacing between the structures, allowing for the unhindered flow of sunlight and air currents throughout the open inner courtyard. The design also expertly shields the complex from the bustling city noise emanating from the main road, cocooning it within a tranquil cocoon.

The Piazzetta: At the heart of the Novella Complex lies the captivating focal point—the new city square, aptly named the "piazzetta." Here, a mesmerizing water feature dances in the sunlight, accompanied by an enchanting fountain. This central gathering place is destined to carve a special place in the city's social fabric, with an array of enticing restaurants, cafés, and other services poised to make it a premier destination.

Elevating Quality of Life and Business: The piazzetta, with its inviting offerings, contributes profoundly to the enrichment of both personal lives and business endeavors. Its accessibility and openness will foster a vibrant community spirit, enhancing the complex's allure and promoting interaction among residents, office occupants, and visitors. This synergy promises to not only enhance the lives of those within the complex but also extend its positive influence to the broader cityscape.

Novella Business & Residence's Innovative Touch: The architectural masterminds at have assumed the mantle of concept designers for the Novella Complex. Their visionary approach and meticulous attention to detail have birthed an architectural marvel that seamlessly marries aesthetics, functionality, and the essence of Novi Sad.

Ongoing Evolution: The Novella Complex is currently in the development stage, with's expertise guiding the transition from concept to reality. The project is advancing through the stages of Preliminary and Detailed Design, ensuring that each facet aligns with the initial vision. This phase reflects the designers' unwavering commitment to delivering a space that not only adheres to their design philosophy but also resonates with Novi Sad's cultural tapestry.


Novella Business & Residence

Conclusion: In the heart of Novi Sad, the Novella Complex stands as a symbol of's creative prowess and dedication to transforming spaces into living art. This fusion of residential and office realms, seamlessly integrated within the city's fabric, promises to redefine architecture's role in urban living and community engagement. As Novi Sad continues to evolve, the Novella Complex will serve as an enduring testament to innovation, unity, and the power of visionary design.