Elektromreza Srbije Offices (EMS)

Introduction: The Elektromreža Srbije (EMS) office renovation project in Belgrade, spearheaded by the architectural firm Arhi.pro, marked a significant milestone in transforming the existing EMS business complex. Through an innovative approach, the project aimed to reconstruct the facade and adapt the interior of the building to establish a modern design while facilitating seamless connectivity between two separate structures. With Anja Ivana Milić and Risto Terzić from Arhi.pro at the helm, and EMS as the esteemed client, the project envisioned a fresh outlook for the facility spanning an area of 12,800 square meters and an additional 7,100 square meters.

Project Details: The primary objective of the EMS office renovation was to breathe new life into the aging building and enhance its functionality to meet contemporary demands. The architectural vision extended beyond mere aesthetics, focusing on crafting a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration and productivity.

Facade Reconstruction: The first aspect of the project involved a comprehensive facelift for the existing building's facade. Arhi.pro envisaged a design that harmonized with the surrounding urban landscape while preserving EMS's identity. Modern materials and cutting-edge architectural techniques were employed to revitalize the building's exterior, creating a visually striking and energy-efficient envelope. The revamped facade would not only elevate EMS's corporate image but also set new benchmarks for sustainable design.

Interior Adaptation: A key challenge was establishing a seamless connection between the two buildings within the EMS business complex. Arhi.pro ingeniously reimagined the interior spaces, ensuring a functional layout that encourages fluid movement and interaction. The redesigned interiors incorporated open-plan workspaces, shared collaborative zones, and strategically positioned amenities, fostering a sense of community and enhancing employee well-being.

Elektromreza Srbije Offices (EMS)

Arhi.pro's Role: As the creative masterminds behind the EMS project, Arhi.pro played a multi-faceted role. They commenced by formulating a comprehensive Concept Design that set the project's direction, capturing EMS's aspirations and translating them into a tangible vision. The next phase encompassed the Development of Preliminary and Detailed Architectural, Structural, and MEP Designs. By meticulously planning and engineering the infrastructure, Arhi.pro aimed to ensure a flawless execution of the envisioned concept.

Additionally, Arhi.pro took charge of the Interior Design, shaping the ambiance and functionality of the office spaces to resonate with EMS's corporate ethos. The interior spaces were tailored to optimize workflow, ergonomics, and aesthetics, creating a harmonious environment that inspires creativity and productivity.

Elektromreza Srbije Offices (EMS)

Project Status: As of the completion of the project description, the EMS office renovation had achieved significant milestones. The project had successfully advanced through various phases, with the Construction Permit application being actively processed. The collaboration between Arhi.pro and EMS displayed promising results, indicative of a project that would soon transform into a state-of-the-art facility emblematic of modern design principles.

Conclusion: The EMS office renovation undertaken by Arhi.pro stands as a testament to the potential of architectural innovation and its capacity to revitalize corporate spaces. Through the planned facade reconstruction and interior adaptation, the project aimed to create an inviting, contemporary workplace that fosters connectivity and collaboration. As EMS's business complex in Belgrade takes on a new lease of life, this remarkable endeavor exemplifies the transformative power of architectural design and its profound impact on work environments and organizational culture.