BW Simfonija

BW Simfonija is a remarkable residential building located in the vibrant city of Belgrade, Serbia. Developed by ERGA Lebanon, this project is part of the ambitious Belgrade Waterfront development, situated in the eastern sector of the city. The development is undertaken by Belgrade Waterfront, in partnership with Eagle Hills, a prominent real estate development company.

The location of BW Simfonija is one of its key assets. It is strategically placed at a perfect connection point between commercial and recreational landmarks, making it easily accessible to the bustling city center and historic sites of Belgrade. Residents of this exclusive building can enjoy the convenience of having the business district and major attractions within easy walking distance.

At the same time, the residential complex maintains a sense of tranquility and peace, owing to its private garden and well-planned layout. This thoughtful design ensures that the residents can retreat from the city's hustle and bustle while still being close to all the urban amenities they might desire.

One of the charming aspects of BW Simfonija is its proximity to the bohemian district of Savamala. This neighborhood is renowned for its vibrant art scene, trendy bars, specialty restaurants, and world-class retail outlets. With these attractions just minutes away, residents can experience the cultural richness and lively atmosphere that Savamala has to offer.

ERGA Lebanon has played a crucial role in this project, taking on multiple responsibilities. They have served as the Urban Project architects, handling the development of ERGA Concept Design from the initial stages through to the detailed and tender phases, all while adhering to the regulatory rules of the Republic of Serbia.

BW Simfonija

Furthermore, ERGA Lebanon has led the efforts in structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering. They have provided expertise and guidance throughout the Concept, Schematic, Detailed, and Tender stages, ensuring that the design meets high standards of quality and functionality.

In addition to their architectural and engineering contributions, ERGA Lebanon has also taken charge of creating marketing materials and design packages necessary for obtaining various permits. These include Location Conditions, Ministry Revision Committee Review Report, Building Permit, and Fire Authorities approval. The team's dedication to following the necessary procedures and regulations showcases their commitment to delivering a project that aligns with legal requirements.

As the project progresses, ERGA Lebanon continues to be actively involved, providing Design Site Supervision during the construction works. This hands-on approach allows them to ensure that the construction process adheres to the approved plans and maintains the envisioned quality and standards.

BW Simfonija

With an area spanning 73,000 square meters, BW Simfonija is set to become a significant landmark in Belgrade, reflecting the city's ambition for modern and sophisticated living spaces. The rendered images provided by the author showcase the architectural vision of the project, revealing a blend of elegance and contemporary design that will undoubtedly enhance the city's skyline.

In conclusion, BW Simfonija is a remarkable residential building located in the heart of Belgrade Waterfront, developed by ERGA Lebanon in collaboration with Belgrade Waterfront and Eagle Hills. With its strategic location, exclusive amenities, and harmonious blend of urban and tranquil living, BW Simfonija promises to offer its residents a truly luxurious and rewarding lifestyle.