BIM Conference 2024 Shines at the BIM Conference 2024 was honored to participate in the prestigious BIM Conference 2024, held in Belgrade. This highly anticipated event brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology.

Representing, Vladimir Bojović, our esteemed Head of the Design Group, delivered an insightful presentation on the application of BIM technology within our design sector. His talk highlighted the transformative impact of BIM on architectural design, emphasizing its role in enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration across various stages of project development.

Bojović showcased several case studies demonstrating how leverages BIM technology to streamline workflows, improve project outcomes, and foster innovation. Attendees were particularly impressed by the practical insights and real-world examples, which illustrated the tangible benefits of integrating BIM into architectural practice. extends heartfelt congratulations to BIM Serbia for organizing such a brilliant and impactful conference. The event was a testament to their dedication to advancing the field of BIM and fostering a collaborative community of professionals.

We look forward to continuing our engagement with the BIM community and eagerly anticipate next year's conference, where we hope to share more of our experiences and learn from the collective expertise of our peers. See you next year!