Banca Intesa Head Office

The Banca Intesa Head Office Building, located in Belgrade, Serbia, is an architectural masterpiece conceived through a design competition in 2009. The project aimed to create a state-of-the-art headquarters for Banca Intesa, one of Serbia's leading banks. The competition attracted 18 talented teams, among which, led by Anja Ivana Milic, and Professor Vladimir Lojanica from the University of Belgrade, emerged as the triumphant first prize winners.

The building's proposed location in Belgrade was carefully selected to reflect the bank's prominence and significance in the city's financial landscape. Covering an impressive area of 35,000 square meters, the Banca Intesa Head Office was envisioned to stand as a modern landmark that seamlessly blends functionality with artistic expression.'s winning design concept showcased a bold and innovative architectural vision, setting a new standard for contemporary office buildings. Their proposal encompassed both the exterior facade and the interior spaces, focusing on providing an efficient, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing work environment for the bank's employees and visitors.

The exterior of the building boasted a striking blend of glass, steel, and concrete, creating a captivating play of light and shadows throughout the day. The sleek lines and the carefully balanced proportions lent a sense of grandeur and sophistication to the structure. The design aimed to complement Belgrade's skyline while also serving as an iconic representation of Banca Intesa's corporate identity.

Inside, the building was meticulously planned to optimize the workflow and collaboration among employees. The interior spaces exhibited a harmonious fusion of functionality and elegance, with an emphasis on maximizing natural light and creating open, airy spaces.'s meticulous attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the interior design contributed to the bank's efficiency and productivity.

One of the key challenges in designing a large-scale office building like the Banca Intesa Head Office was to achieve a balance between privacy and transparency.'s ingenious solutions involved strategically placed glass partitions, allowing for open communication while maintaining confidentiality where needed.

Banca Intesa Head Office

Moreover, the interior design integrated elements of sustainability and environmental consciousness, showcasing the bank's commitment to corporate social responsibility. The incorporation of energy-efficient systems, green spaces, and eco-friendly materials demonstrated a commitment to reducing the building's environmental footprint.

After the success of their competition-winning concept, continued to play a vital role in the project's progression. They took on the responsibility of design supervision to ensure that the project adhered to the original architectural and aesthetic vision. This role was pivotal in safeguarding the high-quality standards of the design and construction phases.

Additionally, was entrusted with the interior design works, further cementing their involvement in crafting every aspect of the building's identity. This extension of their responsibilities allowed for a coherent and harmonious design language to flow seamlessly throughout the building, from its exterior to its interior spaces.

Banca Intesa Head Office

Despite the accolades and the comprehensive planning, it is worth noting that, as of the current date, the Banca Intesa Head Office project has not been realized. Nevertheless, the design competition and's exemplary contribution to the project served as a testament to their prowess as visionary architects and designers.

In conclusion, the Banca Intesa Head Office Building was envisioned as a transformative addition to Belgrade's cityscape, reflecting the bank's dedication to innovation, functionality, and sustainability. While its physical existence remains pending, the impact of's design on the architectural community and the bank's identity will be remembered for years to come as a pinnacle of excellence in the field of contemporary office design.