Architecture beyond borders & Urgencies recently held an enlightening lecture titled “Architecture Beyond Borders” at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. This event served as a prelude to an inspiring session by MVRDV, featuring their renowned “Urgencies” lecture. The lecture was presented by Vladimir Bojović, Head of the Architectural Design Group at, and provided a comprehensive overview of the innovative design processes and technologies employed by

This is not the first time MVRDV and have collaborated. Their partnership began during the 2021 Belgrade Concert Hall competition, where co-architected MVRDV's ambitious project. This collaboration showcased the seamless integration of's cutting-edge technologies and design philosophies with MVRDV’s visionary approach to architecture. The detailed account of this project can be found here: Belgrade Concert Hall Project.

During the recent lecture, Vladimir Bojović highlighted the importance of international collaboration in pushing the boundaries of architectural design. He delved into the specifics of how's advanced technologies and innovative methodologies are implemented in projects, emphasizing the synergy achieved when working with esteemed international architectural firms like MVRDV.

The event was graciously hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, under the leadership of Dean Vladimir Lojanica. extends heartfelt gratitude to the faculty and its administration for providing an excellent platform to share and discuss pioneering architectural ideas.

Following’s presentation, the team from MVRDV took the stage with their “Urgencies” lecture. This session was both thought-provoking and inspirational, shedding light on pressing architectural issues and the future of urban design. is honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate once again with MVRDV and looks forward to many more such fruitful engagements in the future.