Aleksic Winery

The "Aleksic" Winery, located in the picturesque town of Vranje, Serbia, is a project that marries the rich heritage of winemaking with contemporary design and functionality. Initiated in 2018, this ongoing residential project seeks to adapt an existing wine cellar and expand it with a distinctive extension that embodies the fusion of old-world charm and modern elements. Spearheaded by the talented team at, led by architects Ljiljana Ćurčić and Dimitrije Milić, the winery is envisioned to become an architectural masterpiece that not only caters to the needs of its occupants but also celebrates the beauty of its surroundings.

Project Concept: The central idea behind the "Aleksic" Winery is to create a harmonious coexistence of the old and the new, highlighting the collision and entanglement of architectural styles. The design aims to honor the existing wine cellar's historical significance while infusing it with contemporary elements to provide a dynamic and functional space. The extension, thoughtfully shaped and inspired by the surrounding landscape, seeks to expand the winery's usability and facilities.

Project Scope and Features: The "Aleksic" Winery project covers an area of 385 square meters, with a focus on both the interior and exterior spaces.'s role in this venture encompasses all aspects of the design, from concept development to detailed architectural, structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) designs. Additionally, takes charge of creating the interior design to ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing experience for the occupants and visitors.

The extension adds essential functional areas, including private offices for winery staff, a welcoming lobby area that sets the tone for the entire establishment, and an enlarged enoteca to showcase the variety of wines produced by the "Aleksic" Winery. The enoteca, carefully designed to maintain the ideal storage conditions for wines, provides an exquisite tasting experience for guests and connoisseurs alike.

A standout feature of the winery is the new roof garden, which serves multiple purposes. Apart from offering a tranquil and scenic space for relaxation and socializing, the roof garden helps with temperature regulation within the building and contributes to the overall environmental sustainability of the project.

Aleksic Winery

Collaboration with "Aleksic" Winery: The client for this exceptional winery project is the "Aleksic" Winery itself. The collaborative spirit between the winery and the architectural team at has been instrumental in shaping the project's vision and objectives. Together, they strive to create a space that not only elevates the winemaking process but also provides visitors with an immersive experience into the world of wines.

Project Status: As of the present date, the "Aleksic" Winery project is still in the design phase. is meticulously refining the concept design and developing the preliminary and detailed architectural plans. The team is also focusing on structural aspects to ensure the extension is not only visually striking but also structurally robust. Concurrently, they are dedicated to devising efficient MEP systems that align with the winery's operational requirements.

Aleksic Winery

Conclusion: The "Aleksic" Winery project in Vranje, Serbia, is poised to become a cultural landmark that represents the seamless blending of tradition and modernity.'s innovative and thoughtful design approach, combined with the "Aleksic" Winery's passion for winemaking, promises to create a space that captivates wine enthusiasts and architectural admirers alike. As the project advances, the winery is destined to make its mark as a prime destination for wine lovers, offering an unforgettable experience that celebrates both the past and the present.